Sunday, May 11, 2008


Where is my phone?

Have you seen it?

The last time I used it I was downstairs calling you to figure out how to make the dvd player work, I mean you know, it's a bit confusing with all the things plugged in...

I must have turned it off since it's going straight to voice mail when you call.


Wait, what was that sound when I moved the pillow?


We're renaming Simon, Vortex. It seems as though he nudged it off the nightstand and into the pillow that I leave standing in front of the night stand in hopes of keeping him from going under and bugging me in the mornings.

Yeah, damn cat. :)

He looks upset about it all, doesn't he?

Ah, life with cats....


Jack K. said...

HOLY CRAP, indeed.

The most exalted Vortex is to be watched more closely. Do you see his careful camouflage? He looks like a sleeping, peaceful cat, but, underneath the disguise is a monster. (Come to think of it, that is a monster disguise.)

Now, the most important question. How did you get the effects around the subjects in the photos? Photoshop?

Love you,


bronxbt said...

now that there's 3 dogs and 2 rats as my official menagerie, i have lost things, had "only the velcro chewed off" a pair of sandals and many more magical things happen to my belongings.

i could rename all my pets to possibly 1-2-3 rings of hell, or perhaps fallen angels, ('cuz after destruction they look at you sooo.. innocently!)

or jes' deal with it.

i'll letcha know. but a fallen phone isn't as bad as a hidden wallet, eh?