Thursday, May 22, 2008

to all my ladies...

Okay, first things cat Chloe, you know the quite refined one? She just had a small spider hanging in her whiskers, did she notice? NO!! This cat may be a mouser, but a spiderer she is not. At least when they are right in front of her face she's not. She can see them from across the room, but in her own whiskers?

Anyway, had to get that out.

Last night was fabulous. What great and amazing women I surround myself with. Only four of the 9 invited ended up being able to make it, which turned out to be okay since we ended up knitting downstairs where the dust hasn't infiltrated and seating is not abundant down there.

Nibblies were brought and promptly left because, "you and Kev need easy stuff to eat so you don't have to dirty dishes!" Thanks girls! We really appreciate it.

The trio did fabulously, and everyone adored Simon. Chloe was a bit scarce, but would flit in and out of the room as she felt the need. Josie laid down next to me on the floor and slept almost the entire time. The thing I love most about that dog is the fact that a mere one foot above her head sat all kinds of food. She didn't even pay any of it attention. Everyone kept saying what a good girl she was being. Smitten!

I'm now nearing the end of the actual knitting of the sweater. I've just got the decreases for shoulders on both sleeves and then I must block before seaming together. I can hardly believe it!! And it's actually gotten chilly again so if I would just hurry up and finish I could wear it in the mornings to work!

Speaking of work, I should probably get going soon since I have to go in today. Although since I've worked every other day this week, except Tuesday, I really have only gotten one day off (and I'm working the floor tomorrow and Sunday with Saturday being an office day). So in theory I should have today off as well...Maybe I'll call it a short day?

So a shout out to the ladies. Kaarin, Jenn, Liz, and Kate! Thanks for coming over, drinking beer and knitting up a storm with me and my trio! It was a blast. Next time, there will be counters!


Cari said...

Sorry to have missed out on the fun. Sigh... Sounds a good deal better than tantrums and abundant mucus.

Monika said...

Sounds like a fun evening! What a good girl Josie is! I'm sure Sam would have licked across a plate in passing by.

Jack K. said...

What a wonderful time. Josie is getting better all the time, and she started out being fantastic.

What great friends to think of bringing things that don't require lots of "work" to serve them. And, they'll keep, too.

You are making some good choices in giving out all of that loving energy. I can tell by the amount you report receiving.

Love ya,