Saturday, May 24, 2008

getting my sweat on

So the sweater is all done being knit up! However, it now needs to block (be wet down, stretched flat, and pinned) before I seam it up. Of course now is when the weather is WARM again. Ah well, it will be a good plane sweater for our trip to Vegas in July (work related, not me and Kev). I sometimes get cold on planes.

Of course this allows me to dream up the next fabulous project to start. I am not sure what it should be, but perhaps I will dive into my wee stash and figure something out today.

Life without a kitchen hasn't been too bad, although it's not been super comfortable. Thankfully we have amazing friends who we've shared dinners with. Tonight we head to Jill and Mark's for a bbq. I will be taking ingredients for pasta salad as well as a can of baked beans. I couldn't resist them. Kev could get off work as early as 4:00 today, but when we spoke he thought it'd be more like 5:30. I just sent him a text message telling him that we (myself and the trio) miss him so he should totally try to get out of there earlier.

Then we can take Josie on a walk before hopping on our bikes to head to J & M's house. I'm so glad we moved closer to them! It's really going to save $$ on gas.

Okay, off to dive.

1 comment:

Jack K. said...

Hopefully your dive will come up with a pearl of a project.

(Pun intended.) giggle, snicker, chortle, snerx. lol

I can hardly wait to see the finished sweater.

Give Jill and Mark our best.

Love ya,