Tuesday, May 20, 2008

just call me dusty

Man, the thin dust that covers everything when you work with drywall is unlike any dust I've met before. It coats everything it touches in a fine film that is gritty, but almost invisible to the eye.

I've cleaned the cabinets and dusted our pots and pans (will really clean them when I have a working sink and dishwasher prior to using them, of course). I have washed the floors. I still have to clean my desk in the front room (trust me, we have a curtain over the door and everything). I also must pick up the lounge as since I'm hosting knit night tomorrow night...I need a dust free environment.

That room didn't get dusted by the drywall, so it will be the room for the get together. Not as conducive to chatting since the giant tv is in there, but it will work just fine. I'm looking forward to it, even.

Okay, must go shower and deep condition my hair before the template makers get here!!!

Dusty, out.

1 comment:

bronxbt said...

still can't wait for finished pics.
go go! get that dust out!!


and afterwards... vote. i'm needy.