Saturday, May 31, 2008

but i don't like peas

Okay, maybe just enough for one person, but our first handful of snow peas got picked tonight (and a few promptly eaten out in the yard by yours truly and Kevin).

So darn good. There, I said it. I liked the peas. Brett was right, home grown peas are different. Now we'll see how I like the Mr. Big peas, which are shelling peas. Since he gave us the plants to sew, he will get to enjoy the splendor.

I am thinking for the first dinner in the "new" kitchen we will be making chicken caeser salads.

Just look at my romaine!

I can hardly wait until Tuesday!

We're going to get our disposal tomorrow, after Kev goes into work for a bit, but possibly before we get Josie out on a hike. Although Sunday hikes are never my favorite since there are more people out on the trails. Maybe we'll take her on a Mt. Tabor walk, she likes those just fine.

Okay, off to have dinner at yet another amazing friend's house. Thanks again, everyone, for making this not such a hard two and a half weeks without a kitchen!


Monika said...

As a kid I used to go outside and eat peas as they grew in the garden. I don't like the store bought ones one bit. Yours look very delicious. I liked to eat the shelled peas too, right from the garden. This year I have TWO tomato plants in my veggie - garden - less garden.
You have good friends.

Jack K. said...

Congratulations on your garden accomplishments. I know you will enjoy the fruits of your labor.

You are going to have a great time with the dinner pay-backs.

It is wonderful to have friends like you have.

Love ya,