Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Not THAT kind of blockage, sick-os!

The sweater has been wet, pinned and locked in the guest room so that no cat will sit on it. I am hoping to get it seamed up this week sometime, although I'm not sure when. Perhaps tomorrow, if it is dry by then. I didn't soak it, just wet it slightly, so it should be. And the window it is sitting in front of is open.

I am so happy to have the next couple of days off. Work has been busy! Covering for employees, working at a different store everyday, not getting any office time in. I actually don't mind it, though. It makes for interesting days.

So now that I'm done with the sweater (knitting it at least) I'm deciding what to do next. I'm thinking with the leftover skeins from several projects I may make a lap blanket. It's all alpaca, too, so it will be soft and I am guaranteed to have a cat in my lap every time I use it. But we'll see. I also have my eye on a little black dress (in my queue on Ravelry, users).

Today Kev doesn't go in until later (5pm) to do inventory. So we have the entire day to hang out, weed the garden some, go grab lunch, take the dog on a walk. Tomorrow he is off and we are planning on hiking in the gorge. Nothing too strenuous as it's been a while since any of us have really gotten out there. Far too long!

Okay, he's done with his shower and we're off to grab lunch.

Here's to hoping that the sweater gets all seamed up tomorrow and I can share those photos soon!!!


Monika said...

Sounds nice, how you'll spend your days off. Hiking is one of my favorite excercises. The sweater is looking good! :o)

Jack K. said...

Hope your day was as pleasant as you deserve.

Love ya,