Friday, May 09, 2008

what you think?




shannon said...

just because i know someone will ask:

the "before" shot is as it was on my camera, shot in the light box.

the "after" is once i went in with photoshop and played.

honestly, i'm a little impressed with myself. toot! :)

Monika said...

And I thought you polished your clog until it shined! :o)

I'm getting a real wooden klompen from the Netherlands, in a private swap. Isn't that great?

Jack K. said...

It works!!!

Great job.

You are very talented.

It makes a real difference.

You ROCK, young lady, you ROCK!

w00t. w00t

Jack K. said...

Did I ever teach you how to spit shine shoes?

bronxbt said...

ain't photoshop faboo?

and whoa, so are you!