Saturday, May 17, 2008

roosters, RIP

Well, phase one of the deconstruction has come and gone. I am now clean and tired.

Jill came over as planned, at 9:00. We got straight to work since I'd prepared the area last night. She is an amazing friend. It was not as easy as we'd hoped, but it wasn't too hard. We do have a couple of rather major/minor patch jobs to have done before Tuesday, when the template makers are coming. I am amazed by what is going on in my kitchen right now.

We had a slight mis-judgment on the sink and I had to take it back for it's little brother. I'm a little sad, but the lines are the same, just smaller. And they didn't have the same color so we ended up having to go with white. It was not my first choice, but desperate times. And honestly, against the Beige Olimpo Silestone counters...and with the back splash tile...It will be beautiful. (I was trying to link to the tiles for you all, but it's being dumb and their site is really annoying to navigate)

Is it Tuesday the 3rd of June yet?

We could save some of the hand painted vegetable tiles, but sadly the roosters did not make it. Jill felt terribly and she tried her best. Those ladies used industrial strength adhesive or something. I also did save some of the counter top tiles. I got enough to do some cool table for outside or something. That makes me happier than I thought.

Okay, must retire to the basement until it's time to go to our friends for a cookout. Friends are amazing. When they become like family, it's even better.