Wednesday, May 28, 2008

artie knows how to party

I was outside with Josie yesterday evening and saw something that made my heart skip a beat. It was a baby artichoke! Several, actually. I've never seen them in this phase. I've seen the spent flowers and the artichokes in the grocery store, but never when they were young and on their way to being a snack! :)

One of my coworkers has told me I should just let them flower, since they are really cool flowers. I say, let's eat! I love artichokes. Why would I waste them? Of course if I get sick of the flavor and there are any left on the plant, they will be able to flower fully.

The peas are really taking off, too. I just constructed the lattice out of some cotton yarn for them to climb yesterday and today, they already are! I have a feeling we are going to have a bumper crop of peas!

I planted our greenie beanies yesterday as well as zucchini. We are awaiting a few more tomato plants that our friend started in her house (the last besser tomatoes we had from her starts were amazing!!). The three tomato plants we put in the ground a few weeks ago are doing really well. Then we have one plot of garden we don't know what to plant. I'm thinking we could do more lettuce as our arugula when to seed so it got ripped out. We do have a few carrots trying to make it and one of the edamame plants actually is growing. I never claimed to have the greenest of thumbs, but I'm excited that vegetables are growing in our garden.

I had this post all posted and stuff but then when I was looking through the images I had taken this morning I saw this one and realized the world needed to see this peony with my dear Josie stopping to smell it. Okay, she wasn't really stopping to smell it for it's scent, but more of a sniff because I found it interesting so she felt compelled to investigate.



bronxbt said...

i want a garden so bad it hurts my noggin'. i do loves me some arties, and wish for mountains of lettuce and other leafy goodness too. too bad ah' get so much shade!

looks great in the pics tho. i expect an invite for a nice salad.

hee hee!
I'll being the kiddy pool! (see latest entry over on my site, eeeep!)


Jack K. said...

Great to see the results of your gardening efforts.

I didn't realize Josie liked flowers so much.

Tomorrow you will get a chance to see our Peonies.

StarSpry said...

I wish I had a garden! Apartment living just doesn't work for that.

I love the picture with Josie & the Peony!

Monika said...

Wow - I think it's great, when you grow something eatable in your own garden. I always think artichokes are such a waste, you have to cut away so much to get to the good part. I like them on pizza, have never seen them as flowers. So Peony is the name of this flower. I know what it's called in Austria. I have one planted three years ago, and it's not growing to wildly. Maybe too much shade. I like to think Josie likes the smell of it. :o)