Friday, May 16, 2008

what lies ahead?

Tomorrow morning after my dear Kevin goes to work, my friend Jill will arrive to help me remove the kitchen counters. I just can no longer deal with grout. We've had tile counters in the past and I've never been a fan. I do love the color, however. We found a great Silestone that is very similar. But we'll talk about that later.

You can't see it in the first picture, but there are two tiles that I am hoping Jill and I can salvage.

They are from the city where one of the women who used to live here grew up in Italy.

I will hopefully get some shots throughout the process (or at least after our hard day of work tomorrow). Speaking of that work, I should get to bed. Must get some good rest before the excitement begins.

Wish us luck.


Jack K. said...


Jack K. said...

Angela Marie finished her scarf. Check it out.

StarSpry said...

I hope you are able to salvage those tiles! It's really cool that they are from Italy. Good luck!

Monika said...

Good Luck with your renovations! Hope you can get the tiles of in one piece!