Saturday, May 03, 2008

wanting to tap out

Today has been quite the day already. Actually, as I told Kevin this morning, I was already tired by my day before it had even started.

This morning I got up and went to our friends house to feed their cats as they are currently out of town. That was lovely, Vincent only attempted to eat my hand once. Stella hid the whole time.

After that I zipped over to our other friends house to help load up a Uhaul and move them to their new house. I am a nerd and love packing the truck. Everyone kept asking me if they could help me and I kept saying just to bring me things. As I was telling one woman where to put something in the truck (it was all already mapped out in my mind) she said to me, "Oh, you're going to micro manage where I put things in the truck?" Passive aggressive much? I responded with "Yes."

At 1:15 I had to leave that fun (the second round of packing up the truck of the heavy furniture) and head into the office to do some paperwork for Ahmed. He's not going to be in on Monday and he had a few things I needed to take care of before then. Around 2:30 he ran me downtown to the store so I can close for Rita. She has a niece's birthday party today. Her sister just told her what time it was (and it ended up not being an evening party, as she'd thought it would be). So I am closing for her and working 3-6.

When I am done here I hop on a bus to our shop on Hawthorne, where I left my car. I get the car, go home, relax for a minute before we go to a birthday party. I honestly don't know how I'm still going at this point.

The real sucky thing is, I don't have off tomorrow. I have to go open the kids store with our newbie and stay until ?

I don't think I am going to have a day off until the weekend, depending on when I set up the template appointment with the counter people.

I just really want to tap out of this day though, call it quits. But I won't. Not until I pass out in my bed tonight.

Wanna change days with me?

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Jack K. said...

Nope, your day is more hectic than I can deal with anymore. But, I am willing to help whenever I'm in town.

As for packing the U-Haul, I was reminded of this essay. Someone needs to be in charge at times like these. It is easier to tell folks where to put things than to draw plan for the placement.

Glad you were there for your friends. You are good person.

Love you,