Thursday, May 01, 2008

waiting for my card in the mail

It's official. I am an adult. I don't know when it happened, but the signs are all there.

  1. I have started to enjoy gardening. It calms me and makes me smile.
  2. The idea of chips and dip for dinner (or popcorn) no longer make sense to me.
  3. I will have the occasional after dinner cup of coffee when out (decaf of course) to dinner.
  4. An evening of sitting and knitting is the perfect evening in my opinion.
and the final, omg(!), moment:

5. We went to the Home Depot and order counters...I was excited.

So, story about counters and ordering them (it's a good one).

On Monday I got a call from Todd, the guy who works at Precision Counters who'd come out and measured for us. He said that the Deep Hole was having a 10% sale and if our color was part of the group that was an additional 10% we would save 20%!!! So I did what any sane woman does, I text messaged my husband (or did I call him). I then called the Deep Hole to find out the details but the woman on the other end said that they only had a free sink deal going on. We decided to go check out the sinks (cuz those things are expensive) and went on Tuesday night (cuz the sale ended on Wednesday). Well, sinks, not big enough...but we decided to go ahead and open a Home Deep Hole credit card (not to worry parents, it's already paid off) and get their 10% or up to $200 off deal. Super! That's like getting the other sale, that wasn't running. So now we've ordered our counters and have to start seriously thinking about how and when we are going to demo the current counters and backsplash. I'm thinking next weekend baby!! Of course it depends on when they want to set up coming out to make the template. Anyway (breathe) I was running around with my friend yesterday (who's getting married tonight) and I got a call while looking for some inexpensive yarn at JoAnn's to make a bigger version of my knit bag for Chloe (another story for another time). Kim from the Deep Hole saying she'd had egg on her face and yes there was indeed a 10% sale on Silestone (she'd been off when the promo went into affect so didn't know about it and it did end Wednesday as Todd said). She had already taken care of getting our credit to our new Deep Hole account and we didn't need to do anything except save another $200+! The real beauty, are you ready for it?!?! Kevin called with his quarterly bonus...a smidge more than what the counters ended up costing us (with all the discounts).

So yeah, I'm just waiting for the card that says I'm an official adult in the mail.


Jack K. said...

Hopefully this comment will suffice.

You are now officially an adult!!!

Glad to know things are going so well. You both deserve it.

StarSpry said...

Yeah! That's great news about the counters and sales/discounts :)

Monika said...

That's funny!