Monday, May 12, 2008

isn't she refined?

The one we hardly speak about...

Chloe is really our dignified kitten, can't you tell? She sits so prim and proper on top of an old magazine bearing the picture of a black lab. Alia gave it to me because she felt I was creative and it reminded her of Josie.

But I digress.

Chloe just had her 11th birthday, well we celebrate it on May Day. To witness her at times, you wouldn't think she was the elder of the house. She flits about, chirping at the birds, us, the other two.

She loves the mantel. It's her perch. The highest spot in the house she can get to. It brings her joy to sit up there and get scratches on her head. When we try to lean down to pet her, she will run and flee to the mantel where she allows us the pleasure of giving her some scratches on her head.

Isn't she so pretty?

What's that? Is she standing on her tail?

Why yes, I dare say she is...

We see her do this often, but this is the first time I've actually gotten it on "film" to share. I think this would be a sweet image to print and put in a frame. It's very much her. Although, perhaps the first one where you can see her beautiful face as well as her silly self would be better.

Chloe, our matriarch of the family...


Jack K. said...

Happy Birthday Chloe!

Hazel sends her greetings, too.

bronxbt said...

as this weekend's contestants stand out in their own way, Chloe definitely has her own style!

happy burfday fuzzie wonder!

i lurve the fact that she has tamed her flicky tail. most cats go a lifetime wondering what that thing attached above their booty is, Chloe has obviously taught it who's boss fer sure.

*hugs* to you and yours!


Monika said...

She's so cute with her little paws on her tail. I like how bronxbt sees it. :o) She deserves to get more attention on your blog too.

StarSpry said...

Happy Birthday, Chloe! She looks so pretty. I love how she's standing on her tail :)