Saturday, August 23, 2003

i was on the news!!!

So, yesterday I got a call from a local news channel here in Portland, how she knew my name kind of freaked me out (until she told me she had called our other store and Abdul had told her to call me). She was talking to me and that computer virus that has been going around. I guess she liked what I had to say and she asked if they could come in and get some shots. I just saw myself on a rerun of the news this morning!!! I hate the camera (it's more like 20lbs it adds). No, at least I was having a VERY cute hair day! My boss's kids taped it, so everyone who is visiting now will be able to view it while they are here. :)

Nothing new to blog about. Kev had a boys night out at his buddy Brandon's house in Oregon City. He ended up crashing out there, which is what I had hoped would happen. There were 4 guys there and I just knew that there would be a fair amount of boozing it up (he doesn't do it all that often!!). Since this work week for him was sooo stressful I hoped he would blow off steam out there and then stay. This morning was the first morning I woke up without my neck hurting...hmmmmm.

I just hung out with the cats, did a bit of stitching on Grandma's gift, did some laundry and called a few friends (none of which were home so I ended up leaving a bunch of messages). I guess they all have something fabulous to do on a Friday night!! Either that or their mobile phones were off.

Tonight we have a party at Kev's boss' house. It's a western theme, and I am hoping that Kev will go and buy various western type foodstuff to take in a basket as a gift. I will protest any bottles of wine that he tries to buy instead!! I just think that wine is so overdone for boss parties. Know what I mean? You have to make yourself memorable!! I thought a basket with black bean dip, salsa, beef jerky, rice...etc would be perfect!! We'll see, we may have to do it on our way out tonight. He's picking me up at work tonight and we are heading straight from there.

A new friend of mine, Naomi, and her husband are moving into their new home today. I am soooo excited for them!!! I can't wait to see it. Of course, I can't wait for them to see our place too. And I can't wait to meet her husband. :) It is so fun meeting new people.

Okay, must go get ready to catch my bus.


When there is more to post, you know I will do so.

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