Saturday, August 30, 2003


Last night was the last Timbers soccer game of the season, and the first I got to this year. Was great, we beat El Paso 3-0. The Timbers always score big when we go, at least that is what our friends say. Jill and Mark went with us and the stands were quite full. Was a good night for soccer.

I was told that you could see my tv spot if you go to and look in the archives. I tried this morning, and there were some errors that didn't show me the archives, but they should be getting that glitch taken care of. It was story on the computer virus and I believe it aired last week, Friday the 22nd. This way, you can view it too and tell me how much weight you think the camera adds...I stand by my original 20!!!

Labor day weekend is upon us and although everyone is wishing me a good weekend, I sadly only have Sunday off. It's fine though, I get two extra days off when Mamasita Peggy and Daddy Walter are in town the 10/11-14th. I will just have an extra day tagged on to next week. Then it is off a day, back for four and off for four. Not much longer until their visit. I was hoping to get a call saying our sofa/sleeper was going to be in, it has now been the 8 weeks of the 8-12 weeks, but I don't think that it will happen. If anything we will get the call shortly after they leave on the 14th. :)

My friend, Kerri and her significant other, Russell, have just bought a house in Oklahoma City. I have welcomed her to the "club." Although I didn't warn her of the evils of the Home Depot!! IT'S A DEEP-HOLE KERRI, BEWARE!! :) It has been good for us, but you can blow through a whole day without even realizing it!!

Kerry, Oliver and Manny are back from England (our former neighbors). Scott has been back for a couple of weeks longer. We will go over there on Monday, after I get off of work, for a bbq! She says Manny weighs 13lbs now!! That is just about double his birth weight! I can't wait to see them all. I miss the old hood, but have gotten quite comfortable where we are. It helps that the mini pincher next door didn't wake us at 4:30 this morning (again).

Well, my coffee is getting cold and I must go make my lunch for my day. It shouldn't be a long day, yesterday breezed by (of course it sputtered at the end with a customer keeping me there until half past 6. And then it hit me, she was the same woman who kept me there until 7:30 about 6 months ago!!! This time she bought though. :) I quote Kerry, "bye for now."

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