Thursday, August 21, 2003

interesting issues

It has become difficult finding things to write about that you all might find interesting. I will try, but I warn you...I may babble.

Kev was "talking" online last night with his best friend, Russ, who indicated he was "addicted to the blog." I never knew!! I am so glad that our friends are actually reading this as well as our family members. There is a way for me to see who has viewed the blog, but I've decided that shelling out $50-100 for the year is a bit much to get a few extras (this means no pictures until Kev helps me create a web page I can tell you about).

We are getting ready to go the the Depot and order our new sliding door(maybe this weekend?). Ooooh, Ahhhhh. I can't wait! It's getting warm here again and our kitchen gets down right hot during the day since it has no screen door and it is old as the hills with glass that is probably not treated for UV protection. This is fine with Chloe, who revels in the sun on the floor. Kev and I swear she has turned into a kitten again, she is 6. She has been seen hopping. I am still waiting for my sighting.

I was reading online how hot it was getting in Kansas, Texas, and Arizona so I don't feel quite right about talking of the heat here. But it is hot for this part of the world, and feels hotter when the A/C at work is not working at 100%.

My Mamasita (Peggy) and Daddy Walter have their tickets to come see us in September. I can hardly believe it is actually less than a month and they will be here. She gets in on the 10th and he on the 11th. I am trading days with my co-worker so I can have the 12th and 13th off in addition to my regular days off (the 14th and 15th. We aren't sure what we are doing, EXCEPT on the 14th, Peggy and I and Jill will be walking in the Susan G Koman Race for the Cure. It is the second year for Jill and me and last year we decided we had to get Peg here. Next year, we will be getting more women to join us!! Beware girls, you may be getting the call to come to Portland!! :)

Considering I should be doing some paperwork here at work I need to get going. I just wanted to give Russ his fix of new information.

Love to you all.

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