Tuesday, August 26, 2003

things shaping up

been a while, sorry 'bout that. We got the ottoman on Saturday. WOW, it is just beautiful and so modern looking. It will look much better when we get the new sofa as well, but for now it works nicely. It is a chocolate brown leather, very beautiful and the cats love it!! We just have to get a couple of nice lucite trays to use when we eat in front of the tube (which is just about all we do).

We got a little table and chair set this weekend for the backyard. We got sick of not having anywhere to sit outside. It was a nice little find at Walmart. Not exactly my favorite place to shop, but it does have some good deals.

I have been finding places for my parents to stay when they are here in December. Since my Grandma is coming too they have to find a place where they have a walk in shower. I think that my Dad may stay with us and Mom and Grandma may stay at the Holiday Inn Express which is very close to the house. This is the best way, I can figure out. There is a place that sounds perfect, but it is 25 +/- minutes away. My sister and her boyfriend have talked about staying someplace downtown, but we'll see.

We just got the third year of the Simpsons on DVD so that is what we have planned this evening.

Jill helped me this weekend attach our drawer pulls in the kitchen (YEA!!!) and she helped me hang the tension wire for our closet curtain. MUCH better than the original pole that we had it hanging on. I just have to hem the curtains now, but I will do that on Sunday. I had told Kev that we had changed something in the kitchen, but he'd have to look around to see what it was. Well, he said (as he hooked his finger in the pull to get the bottle opener out of the drawer), "let me get a beer first." I just started laughing and he finally saw why. I guess it had been a long day as usual, but he got a kick out of it too.

I will be working the next two Mondays so that while my Mamasita-in-law and Daddy Walter are here I can take that Friday and Saturday off. It means long weeks, but it will be way worth it!! I am getting quite excited about their visit. I just realized that it is two weeks until their visit!!! YEA.

Well, the Simpsons are calling my name (them and the Oreos).

Good night. I'll try not to keep you in the dark for such a long time next time. :)

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