Tuesday, November 18, 2008

let the waiting begin

We have a beautiful bird feeder we got years ago with my Mamasita-in-law while we were out on the coast. At our old house, birds wouldn't come near it because it was simply too close to the house.

At this house, there was a pole already out there with a pan for water for birds, so we instantly put up the feeder. The birds here love it, and the cats do too...since they get to watch through the back door.

The squirrels around here are pretty industrious and have figured how to crawl up the pole and launch onto the feeder, tipping the contents on the ground below. I have only seen this happen once, but once was enough.

Today, I have replenished the food in the feeder and am attempting to beat the squirrels at their own game. I've used petroleum jelly on the pole, hoping they will not be able to get enough of a solid grip to climb.

(I'm trying not to be the 13 year old boy that I can sometimes be...the wording of this post is enough to send me into fits!)

Pictures...yes, they will help keep minds out of gutters!

I am hoping that we get to see some of the squirrels having issues and that we can also get those "on film" to share with everyone here. Josie has been doing a good job, patrolling the yard, but when we see the squirrels at the feeder, we tend not to let her out. There is no real close tree or escape route and I DO NOT want my dog to actually catch a squirrel. That would be too much for me to be able to deal with!!

So, here's to hoping I have foiled the squirrels. I do sprinkle some feed on the ground for them, though. I know they are trying to fatten up for a chilly winter...I just want the birds to keep coming around, too. They need fattening as well.


bronxbt said...

is it actually close enough to the house that a squirrel could go up that corner and stretch over?

figuring it's a distance perception issue of the pic, but had to ask.

trick is with the petroleum, you have to slather it on thick and make sure it stays wet. too much and you get friction. too little and it's a disappointing mess.

now, READ THAT AGAIN AS AN ADULT, not the 13 year old boy and go forth, my dear.

hee hee hee
gorsh i'm evil. ;)


Jack K. said...

I'm trying to remember what I was thinking when I was a 13 year old.

Nah, you don't want to know. It is not the kind of conversation to have with your daughters. I know, that can be construed as sexist.

I wouldn't worry about Josie catching a squirrel. Let her loose, and if she should get lucky and catch one send the man of the house out to clean up the mess. I get the privilege of disposing of dead birds, rabbits and snakes. It's a guy thing. tehee.

Love ya,