Wednesday, November 12, 2008

shades of grey

The rain beats down outside in a deluge. It's the hardest rain we've had in a while. The sound is lovely as it bounces off the roof. The remaining leaves on our maple cling for their very lives. Not wanting to join their brothers and sisters that create a blanket on our front lawn. Soon, they will have no choice but to fall.

I've never seen a more beautiful tree in the fall than our maple. It's got shades of orange, red, green, and yellow. I look out my window from my desk and I see the branches blowing in the wind, as if it's trying to get my attention, to admire the beauty that lives before me.

So I will stop and take time to look out my window at the beauty that surrounds before it's all gone. For the grey winter that is on its way.


Jack K. said...

That is one beautiful tree. Glad it was able to get your attention. We are still enjoying the tree in our front yard, although the leaves are gone form the top half.

Love ya,


Monika said...

Well, there's that and now for the clean up. We've got about 30 paper bags full of lovely leaves from farious trees, and Maple is one of them. But I DO love them, when they turn color, and also in Spring, when they come out fresh green.

Becky said...

The leaves are beautiful around here too, but I think that's just about over for us. I like your first paragraph and the way you wrote it -- very vivid.