Monday, November 24, 2008

good morning

I was met by this beautiful creature this morning as I was taking my coffee cup into the kitchen. The image is taken with an extreme zoom as well as through a window screen. But yes, our backyard is a virtual Disney movie!

Directly to the right of the chair was a squirrel. It seems as though they were having a bit of a face off (they are near the bird feeder).

I had to actually stop and do a double take before I realized there was a small hawk sitting on the chair. Then I backed out as slowly as I could, hoping I could grab the camera before it flew away.


StarSpry said...

How cool!

Jack K. said...

Great photo.

See you later today.

Love ya,


Kris Harris said...

That's not an owl? This is Shelly, btw. What a great picture, I am so jealous of your Disneyesk wild life!! All we get are squirrels and the occasional raccoon trying to get into the dog food.

Monika said...

Wow- great!