Friday, November 14, 2008

a taste

It's killing me, not being able to share the wonderful things I've been knitting for my nephew. So we were playing with the macro setting on our new camera (mom, don't freak out...we are fine) and I am thrilled with it. This way I can tease you all with little snippets of what I've got done and what I am doing without truly giving away the surprise for those family who will be seeing things in person in just under two weeks!! I am beyond excited about Thanksgiving this year.

So, here is just a little peak. I'm pretty happy with the color, as it's pretty spot on for the true color of the bib. And every knitter knows, it's hard to get yarn color to look as it does in real life when taking a photo.

I have a tan one on the needles right now, a cream one laying in wait, only to be followed up by a striped one (in all three colors).

Knitters on ravelry, you can go see it there. :)

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Jack K. said...

Beautiful as usual. I can hardly wait to see the finished projects.

Love ya,