Saturday, November 08, 2008


My sister and her husband found out they are having a boy. 98% chance of it. Ever since I found out about them being pregnant, I've referred to the baby as him. Never waiving. I love little girls, don't get me wrong, but I knew she was going to have a boy.

She called me yesterday and left me a voice mail saying I am going to have a nephew. My heart sang. All I could think of was all the wonderful things I could knit for him. I've already got a jacket done in a kiwi green that is going to be adorable. I have a bib in a pale sky blue and a hat that is deep peacock blue both on the needles. The *Baby Yoda Sweater will be perfect, too. Oh Mah Gawd! I'm going to swoon. :)

(*sorry for no link, the one i have doesn't work anymore)

I did ask about names and am thankful to hear they are keeping that to themselves. I've heard horror stories of parents, family and friends saying things like, "Oh you can't name him *Jub Jub because I once dated an Jub Jub and it was..." or "Jub Jub, that's a dumb name...where'd you hear of Jub Jub?" or "Jub Jub was OUR baby name you..." You get the picture.

*For the record, I think Jub Jub would be a great name. ;)


Jack K. said...

It was great news indeed.

It won't be long now before we are all together to give thanks.

Love ya,


Monika said...

Aw that's wonderful news! :o)