Saturday, November 29, 2008

never thought i'd say it...

But thank goodness for KU football. :) Currently I am sitting at work while my family is at home watching KU football (KU/MU). I had someone call in sick. The other manager is going to be in shortly, to let me go home to the visiting family. After I get home I am going to see what the game plan is that my family came up with for dinner. The original idea was to go to the store and make turkey broth so we could make soup tonight for dinner in the slow cooker. That has now been a wash, since they've not gone and have instead settled down with the foolsball. I just spoke with Kevin and he said Dad has two ideas. We'll see what those are when I get home in a couple of hours.

I'm glad they can entertain themselves (with the help of KU football).

So yes, thankful still.

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Jack K. said...

The game was fantastic.

The turkey soup was even better.

And, I haven't the foggiest remembrance of the two ideas.

Love ya,