Saturday, November 08, 2008

have you ever?

I was going through photos tonight on my computer when I ran across this one. Yes, your eyes are correct, you do see a squirrel laying on it's stomach motionless. How do you know it's motionless? Well, because it is in focus, nothing is blurred, not even a hair on it's tail.

I remember this day. As soon as Josie alerted me to the squirrel, I grabbed the camera and took a photo. I text messaged our neighbor, Bret, to tell him I think Nutsy was in our tree acting weird.

I exited my house to see if I could get closer, and I sure could.

Bret came out to meet me and see Nutsy, but as soon as he came up the driveway, Nutsy got up and zipped off. I still think the photos is pretty damn funny. I've never seen a squirrel laying on it's belly. It wasn't even that hot of a summer day...


Jack K. said...

You must maintain a safe squirrel haven. tehee.

Great photo.

StarSpry said...

He he cute!!