Sunday, November 09, 2008

my morning

We made plans to have brunch at our house today with our friends, Jessica, Brandon and their son Henry. Henry loves him some kitties. We have Simon, Udder Kitty, and Josie (who is also "a Nani dog"- they have a bit black lab at home.)

Chloe (aka Udder Kitty) really wasn't too excited for the quickness of Mr. Henry. But he wanted to find "Udder Kitty" the whole time. She was intrigued and would pop out of hiding to watch him, but would hide if he started moving.

Josie was a bit skittish by the fastness of him, but pretty much would just wander away from him if he got too near. Never making a peep, just moving. Henry is a great listener and would let Josie be when we told him she didn't want pat pats.

Simon and he cozied up on the couch for a split second before Henry was up and moving again.

The thing about Henry is, he doesn't wear me out. I enjoy every second of him. And Jess and Bran are really amazing parents (as I always knew they would be). One of my favorite things Jess does now and again, is she sends camera phone pics every so often.

This is on their drive home from our house...

He was on the go the whole time they were here. I'm sure his feet were smelling goo-ood.

And don't worry, he's got his own site and his Mom doesn't mind I post his photo.


Jack K. said...

Getting in practice to be a fantastic aunt aren't you?

Glad you had so much fun with Henry.

Love ya,


bronxbt said...

i've been slow to comment on many of your entries.. sorreee!

here we go:

kiddo post is funneh', shore bet those feetz do NOT smell good.

our squirrels lay flat a lawt too. it's funnier than hell. specially when they try it on the fence. you can hear the "fwop" when they fall off into our fall leaf piles.

OMG a boy! 98% sure is a good... well, percentage! pass on the gratz for me! soo cooh!


now go vote on my site. tee hee