Friday, November 07, 2008


I needed a bit more change in my life and opted to rearrange my closet, which led to the master bedroom being changed around, which meant the living room had to have some changes, too.

Change change change.

It seems that working on one room at a time really pans out for me. Although as soon as the end is near, I start dreaming of the next space to update and change. From the kitchen reno, I've moved onto our bedroom. I will get photos up, but probably after the family has come through in a few weeks. I don't want to spoil the surprise for them. :)

I've not done anything drastic in the master, just moved out some furniture, got a full length mirror and some curtains. Just enough to make it feel a little more done. All that I feel is left in there is finding some artwork for the walls (perhaps I will make something?), the curtains to be hemmed and hung, and finding the aforementioned light fixture. We will either go with a ceiling fan (which when the summer is here in a room where currently one window opens it would be nice) or a chandelier of some sort. Visually I know a really cool chandelier would be better, but again, when there is no air moving...although we will eventually be replacing all the windows in the house and we will be making sure that all in the bedroom open, so perhaps a great chandelier isn't out of the question.

Kev just goes along with my ideas, interjecting if he feels strongly about something. So far, we've done well working together. It's kind of nice to collaborate with him.

Okay, must be off to work. Walking to work in between the bouts of rain. Of course, I'll probably get caught in some since it takes me about 25 minutes to get to work from here. Ah well, it is fall in Oregon.

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