Thursday, November 13, 2008

my dog's a jerk

Okay, perhaps she's not intentionally being a jerk, but she is still a jerk. I went in the bedroom to check myself in our full length mirror. And who should I see all curled up on my side of the bed, using my pillow? Jerk.

I'd be really upset if she weren't so damn cute.

It's just, I wish that could be me in bed still. I'm just jealous. I know I'm turning that jealousy into name calling...



Jack K. said...

Just think what she has done to earn that privilege. tehee.

Love ya,


bronxbt said...

when my gal got up this AM, she took the dawgs with her to go do their AM ritual... and she left me trapped in the room with our newest addition, kazi.

now.. she's a jerk. it started out as a "hi!, i'm kazi... snuggle"

then turned into a mauling with an all inclusive round of bunneh' kicks to my throat, and chewing on my goatee.

so, while she's the jerk, i was trying to be josie!


no extra bedtime for me!