Tuesday, December 04, 2007

an idea only to entertain

So I did get some feedback about the idea of not sending out cards. I know that it was only an idea and that on Thursday Kev and I, during our foray into the world of errands, will get some holiday stationary, envelopes and stamps. We will make sure we have ink for the printer and the letter will go out. I got inspired after reading Mir's site yesterday. She loathes those holiday letters. She finds them boastful and pretentious. So she, being newly married, decided to tell it like it is. She wrote two versions of the letter. One was veto'd. I liked that version best. :)

So I decided to write a letter. Keep it simple, funny (hopefully), and quick (when have those of you who know me known me to be quick?!?).

If you don't know me, but you want a copy of the letter, tell me and I'll email it to you. Yeah, stamps are for those who I know? I'm cheap? We've got a crazy new mortgage? Our list is already as long as my arm?

Okay, I'm at work and I'd so be fired if I got busted posting the my blog (okay, maybe not really). Although I did just post to the clog blog.


Becky said...

I do a card/letter every year b/c I have friends from so long ago on my list that I often only "talk" to via Xmas letters, unless something special comes up. I debated on it recently as well, but when I was late two years ago b/c of my move, I received several "complaints" that they look forward to the update. I receive cards from most who are on my list so I feel like it's reciprocated. I also try to be cognizant of the tone of my letter to not make it depressing or braggy and just literally talking about what's going on that they might want to know about.

bronxbt said...

anytime you email me, i actually wiggle... so you tell me what's best...