Monday, December 24, 2007

tis the season, i suppose

I had a guy in last night. He gave me the sob story of some guy stealing his wallet while he was at the atm getting money for his cab ride to work.

It would have sounded okay, except two things:

1. the guy said he had a $5.00 bill in his wallet, had gotten out $60.00 and was going to give him the 5 when he snatched the wallet away (the same wallet the 5 was in). He then told me he had hte 5 still. Ummm, wasn't that IN the wallet that was just snatched?

2. he was taking a cab from downtown out to Hillsboro. Yeah, that's just kind of dumb when the Max (train) takes you where he was heading.

So no, I did not give him money for his alleged cab ride out there.

Today I had some rather smelly guy come in, ask for some tape, and proceeded to wrap the packing tape around his lighter. I am always polite. Until they start being rude. Shook the guy's hand. He starts trying to dig his fingernails into my hand. I snatch it away (careful to not break any skin on his dirty nails) and tell him that's enough, he can leave.

I had a customer in the store who said I was nicer than what she'd be. She'd have told him to take the tape and leave. Or not have given him the tape. I dunno, I didn't figure he'd attempt to scratch me.

He kept asking when we were closing, etc. I told him later on. Not giving him specifics.

Tis the season for the wackadoodles to come out.


Monika said...

How creepy, and how sad. What you have to put up with ....

Jack K. said...

It's nice to show some compassion to others, even when they don't understand or expect it.

Have another great day.

bronxbt said...

first of all, yer pillow snurgling doggy cracks me up... thankees for that.

2nd, compassion to others rulz, but so do boundaries... thank you for using your head by not giving specifics to that dood about when you close, etc. proud of you... STAY SAFE!! the world needs you...


happy holidays to you and yours..