Thursday, December 06, 2007

dogs don't chew

I was in the bathroom this morning. Josie busted through. I figured she had to poop so I came out and followed her. She went into the guest room (aka Chloe's room) and started sniffing something on the ground. I called her off of it. She'd gotten sick. Her entire breakfast.

It's a good thing we have a vet appointment today at 4:50. She's not had any more seizure activity (touch wood and thank the powers above), but her skin has not cleared up. We were supposed to get her in to see the vet right after she finished her last dose of pills. That was Thanksgiving. Yeah, we've been a bit crazed ever since. We gave her a bath the other night and saw a very red and very raw spot on her back. Up until then we'd not really seen any spots. But that was all we needed to see.

I called, the appointment has been made. I'm curious as to what they will suggest this time. We've attempted three times with antibiotics (first time a week on them, second, two weeks and third...go on and guess. Yep, three weeks of them). We've gotten shampoo. Granted we did not bathe her the three times a week we were told to (seriously have you attempted to bathe our dog?!?). I kind of think that that is going to be the thing we have to do, though. I don't know why I get that feeling.

So now she's back in bed with Pops and Simon. Chloe and I are hanging out in the living room with our littlest Xmas tree all lit up.

We'll hope that Dr. H has some other magic up her sleeve to make Josie more comfortable.

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Monika said...

We would not be able to bath Sam either. He hates water and would not go into the bath tub. I'm using a washcloth to wash his rash, leave it on for a few minutes and wash it off with another washcloth. He likes it, and it seems to help for now.