Monday, December 24, 2007

you really want to know?

Josie. My re-decorating dog. I made the bed, went to eat breakfast and when I headed into the bedroom to get my shoes...

She loves to play with pillows. She's been known to toss the pillows around that are on the sofas as well. If you can imagine, a big black diggity dog nestled into the nest created by her. Sadly she was not laying there when I came into the room. It would have been great to get before, during and after shots.

Wow, today is the day before Xmas. I can hardly believe it! Last night I was prepared to finish cleaning up a kitchen I'd left a mess last night (I know, should clean as I go, the same day I make the mess...). I walked in just as Kevin was finishing up. Thank you again, my dear husband.

We laid low last night. It felt great to put on our pj's and read. I even organized and rewrote some of my favorite recipes in my recipe box. Some of them were so hard to read that I decided it was time.

I go into work today from 10-4. Then I grab a bus to our friends house where we are having dinner. Kev will have the car again and will meet us after he closes (which is sadly at 8, having him arrive closer to 9). They are fine with him coming late, and there will be plenty of food. Knowing us, we'll probably put a plate together for him so all he has to do is warm it up.

I must remember the beans...

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Monika said...

LOL- my dogs like to "re-decorate" their beds as well. Thank god, they stay away from our beds.