Thursday, December 20, 2007

the whole way home

Yesterday Kev called to ask if he could use the car today. Thursdays are my yoga day, but he assured me he'd be home with plenty of time before I had to go. I told him no problem (I feel guilty that I have it all the time) that I would ride my bike to the office and catch a bus downtown to send off some holiday gifts.

I am home now, with plenty of time. The exciting thing?! I did NOT get off my bike once. I only stopped at the signs/lights. I rode up the whole hill that is towards the end of my journey. It's the first time I've made it up without having to stop. OH YEAH!!!

So I will go pick up Jill and we will head to yoga and we will celebrate tomorrow, the shortest day of the year (yeah, we're a day early).

Happy days to you all! Retail may kill me.


bronxbt said...

it won't kill you.. it'll make you stronger...

and at least if yer feet hurt, you can switch into a nice & comfy pair-o-clogs.

hee heee.

happy holidays, dearest.
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StarSpry said...

Way to go on the hill!

Happy Holidays!!!