Wednesday, December 12, 2007

how do you address?

So I'm sitting here at my lovely (and newly cleaned off) writing desk. No, not really a professional writer, but I sit here and write this stuff so I call it a writing desk. Anyway, here I am addressing our holiday letter envelopes, avoiding having to clean the bathrooms (I've done everything from start laundry to pulling out a few dead plants in the garden). And I'm stumped.

One of Kev's aunts has divorced. She's got custody of the two boys. Do I address it to say The Smiths*? Or Jane and the boys?

I'm at a loss.

*some names have been changed


Becky said...

That's a tough one. I'd probably go with both last names like The Smiths and Browns.

Jack K. said...

After conferring with your mother, we have come to the conclusion that you might address it to Jane & Family.

Just a thought.

Love ya,