Sunday, December 02, 2007

to card or not to card, that is the question

I'm having issues. To send a holiday card this year via snail mail, or not. The majority of me is saying not to, send an email. But the etiquette fairy is telling me that it's not appropriate. However, here is my case:

1. no paper to go into landfills or be recycled (which is a good thing, but think of all the emissions made when recycling)

2. no crazy amount of money spent on cards or stamps (our list is a rather large one)

3. no having to buy printer paper that is fun and sweet (and then setting up the printer for just those dimensions)

4. just a holiday letter in email form.

So, vote on it (and if I could figure out how to insert one of those voting things, I would)...

to card or not to card?


k said...

hm. You pose a difficult question, but despite the fact that I totally, utterly, and completely agree with you on the environmental and economical savings to be had by sending an email holiday greeting, I have to side with the good old fashioned paper holiday card/letter.

Maybe it's my age showing, but there is a certain joy to opening a real envelope and holding something concrete in my hands. Something that someone took the time to create and send--to ME! It makes me feel special, and a little more human.

Whatever you decide will be perfect, I know, because it comes from your heart. (and I'm glad you posted this, because I really need to get busy with my holiday cards!)

Jack K. said...

Go here for instructions to set up a poll.

You do offer some cogent points of discussion. However, there seems to be some bias built in. tee hee.

I am sure you will choose the right course.

Love ya,