Friday, December 14, 2007


My day, not going exactly to plan. I had thought I'd have a full day to work in the office. I went in around 9:00. Got a call immediately from an employee saying she'd eaten some bad salad dressing and was in the bathroom all night. I am working today.

Thankfully I brought my laptop with me and can work on the ads I have to build. Although working the floor while trying to be creative can be a bit tough. If she's feeling better later today, she's coming in. If not, I have another gal coming in around 4:15.

It's days like today that...I don't know. That keeps me entertained? That makes me crazy? That allows me to practice flexibility?

Yoga last night was exactly what I needed in order to face today. Sometimes, it's just like that. We were reminded that next weeks practice we'll be celebrating the winter solstice. This means, days will start to get longer again. This brings me joy. This winter has been a tough one. I have a hard time waking up and getting going. I've heard that from many of my friends. I long for the sun, although it's been around a bit more this year than years past.

Anyway, wanna hear the fun from last night?

I go to bed around 10:30. I'm all snuggled in and sleeping. At midnight Josie starts pacing between the bedroom and the back door. Kev is still up, but in the basement and doesn't hear her nails on the hardwoods. I get up, ask Kev to take her out because I'm in that sweet spot of being able to fall back asleep and we now have to go back out with her so she doesn't eat the rotting pumpkins from Halloween.

At 2:00 she's doing it again. I get up this time.

At 4:00? You guessed it, again. Kev gets her this time.

I am pretty sure she did it another time and I got up, but honestly it's all a blur.

Each time, she wants to go eat the rotten gourd. Of course this makes her have to GO. I'm wishing Kev would have put them in the compost, but it's almost ready and we're not supposed to open it too often.

So add the lack of sleep in there and you get this post, a bunch of rambling.

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PlazaJen said...

our dogs are eating the rotten green tomatoes that didn't make it to the compost bin. Sigh.
My kingdom for a 12-hour night of sleep!