Sunday, November 30, 2003

Josie and the pussycats

Well, for those of you who didn't get the email (don't know if there are any), meet Josie. She is our two year old, black lab mix. She is one of the best dogs I have ever known (besides Oscar, my sister's dog). She is such a fabulous girl. We are just a few days into this whole, dog "ownership" thing but loving every minute of it.

I told my parents and honestly, was a bit surprised by their reactions. Dad sounded like he was excited for us and Mom just said, "you're going to turn into one of those women who have 30 cats and 40 dogs who get arrested..." I assured her we wouldn't and that we would give her human grandchildren.

I can not wait for everyone to meet Josie!! She is learning new things everyday. Kev's been working with her on heeling and "giddy up" which apparentally means, let's go.

The cats are adjusting quite well. Simon and Josie are cohabitating very well and Chloe is interested, but not soo sure yet. Curiosity will get the best of her eventually!

I am so smitten with all my kids!! Josie and the pussycats!

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