Saturday, November 22, 2003


The shoppers were waiting for Friday and Saturday to roll around! It has been busy busy busy here. I love when it gets crazy busy on Saturday since it is my last day of the work week.

I am half way through my day...lunch has been consumed and Chaz brought me a cookie for dessert. I will eat it later as I have already eatten some pears I brought from home for dessert...they just called my name louder than the cookie.

We are getting ready for the stragglers thanksgiving. We will go grocery shopping tomorrow after going out to my bosses house for Kev to take a look at his computer again and by the other store to check in. After groceries we are going to a farewell party for some people we know who are moving to Chicago.

It has gotten very cold here!! 30's today, although they said it was supposed to get up to lower 40's. BRRRRRR!

Okay, going to get ready for round number 4...come on people!

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