Monday, November 17, 2003

ummmmm paint fumes!

We have done it, we have done something I said we were going to do on the blog at the time I said we'd do it!!!

We don't have a purple wall anymore, we have a bark mulch wall!!!! Ain't it purtty? I even painted the small wall like I set out to do. It's not a huge change (Kev kept saying he couldn't tell a difference, until it was done) but it is a warm change!! The original "cream" color Kev had painted (which was the same as the ceiling) looked so grey on the wall behind the blue sofa. Now it looks like a lighter shade of what is on the rest of the walls. The picture didn't really show much so if you want to see it, you must come to the house!!!

My parents are on their way to Pennsylvania with my Grandma. They found an assisted living program back there for her to move to. She's been missing PA and it's been so much for my parents to take care of her. They say she seems slightly excited (she's not mentioned going back to the house since they started talking of her apartment). I will post a letter to her today so she gets some mail shortly after moving in. I will try to write her letters every few weeks.

The breeze comment from yesterday was spot on, well actually it was downright windy!!!

Two posts in two days, I better not spoil you all!! (Especially Russ)

Today I will plan our "straglers Thanksgiving" meal. I like having our friends who don't have family around to go home to over for a big feast. So far we have one friend who is excited about it, Chris. I think I caught him by surprise when I called to invite him. He's such a fun guy that I wish we would do more things with him, but his work schedule is a bit wonky, maybe better now that he is on full time...we'll have to ask him. Our other friend, Linsel, may have forgotten about our invite since we made it at his "denial party" the other night. He and his roommates are denying that summer is over so we all donned our summer togs and sipped cool refreshments in the heat of their overheated apartment. It was a great time!!! I'll have to remind Linsel of our invite...

Well, I'm off to plan a menu!

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