Monday, November 10, 2003

kitchen is clean!!

I was making breakfast for myself this morning and I decided today was the day I deep clean the kitchen. I am cleaning the oven right now. It's a self cleaning one!! :) I am thinking that I will do some deep cleaning around the house the next few weekends so that when the time draws closer for my family to visit I will not have to do the mega cleaning as I usually do. I am at a loss as to what to do for our carpet in the cave though. It is quite stained from the former owners. We are eventually going to replace the carpet, but not before Mom and Dad come. I have warned her though.

Kev's been looking in the Sunday paper for work. I don't know what he has found, if anything, yet. I know that he will find something soon. I have faith in him.

We, for once, are all caught up on laundry!! Well, I do have the sheets to do, but the clothing is all done! Woooo-hoooo!
It is an ongoing battle since our machines take a long time to do their magic. But, I shan't complain since they are in the comfort of my own home.

I have come up with the list of things to do to the house to increase it's value so when the time comes to sell we will make some $$ off of it. I am a firm believer of the "do one room at a time" theory!! I am thinking since we started on the kitchen it will be the first we tackle. We have discussed different flooring and have decided to go with the vinyl tiles, not the peel and stick, but the type you use the glue and what not. Our original thoughts were to use ceramic, but the bathroom is done in that and boy oh boy is it cold!!! Since the kitchen doesn't have a heat vent we have decided we need to go with something that will not freeze our feet in the winter. That and I think the vinyl will be much easier to keep clean. I also want to add some shelving to the wall by the fridge, it's a big empty space right now that could be used for storage! Then I think the kitchen is done. Oh, and I would personally like to replace the loud dishwasher!!

This will all start happening as soon as we are a two income family again, but in the mean time we can do some "shopping" around to see where we can find what we want and get the best price.

Will take pictures as "construction" begins and ends. Probably won't be for some time, most likely will happen after Christmas time.

Time to go get the sheets to wash...chores never end!! :)

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