Tuesday, November 25, 2003

tee shirt sheets

Everyone should own a set of the tee shirt sheets. They are so warm, without being suffocating, and they don't want to let you out in the morning. It has been getting rather cold here at night (nothing like the midwest I know, but it is cold for here) so we busted out the tee shirts! Nothing is as warm and inviting as those sheets, baby!!

Kev was cleaning the house last I heard. I just about repeated myself from yesterday's post. OOPS!

The bus shall prove to be tiring, I am sure. With the ol' bus buddy still there talking of fish they have cooked and packages people want him to ship. Yaaaaawn. Sorry, Dad, I should be more compasionate, but he's duller than dirt! :)

I only have roughly 45 minutes left of work. Wooohoooo. I am looking forward to going home, having a "meal in a bag," doing some more picking up (whatever Kev doesn't get done today) and getting things ready for cooking tomorrow. I have decided to make my rolls tomorrow and the cheesecake. If the rolls are a bust I have bought frozen rolls we have to pop in the oven on Thursday. I am hoping mine will turn out. I had a customer tell me that what make rolls turn into hockey pucks is people who don't let them sit long enough. I will heed her warnings and let the yeast do it's thang.

Keep safe this holiday season and remember, be thankful!

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