Wednesday, November 12, 2003


So I am sitting here at work trying to think of anything that my dear friends and family would find interesting. It's sometimes a very difficult thing to do, come up with interesting anecdotes to keep you all satiated.

Our friend, Bob, whom we stayed with in St Louis, was here overnight last night. He came by the house and he really liked it a lot. We joked with them that three of our houses could fit in theirs while we were visiting. Bob loved the cave (all men who come to see our house love the multimedia room we have so lovingly named the cave). The thing that surprised me most was he actually pet the cats and spoke to them. He grew up in a very large family and they never had animals. He never understood the feeling we have for the kits and always thought we were a bit off our rockers. Maybe there is something about being a dad that makes it easier for him to understand now?

I have run out of coffee it home which means I am draggin' my wagon!!! I had a cup from this great place around the corner from work, but unless I have it right when I wake up it is futile.

Don't you all love the big words I am using this evening? And, they are all from my own thoughts, not from the thesarus!!! (Anyone catch Friends a week or so ago?)

I have just under an hour left of work and I have things to do, so I should go do them (in theory this works, but please reference two paragraphs ago and realize most everything will be waiting for me in the morning)...

I am probably going to play a bit of solitare, pick up my desk, surf the net, maybe right an email or two (but I have pretty much used up all my brain power writing this thing so maybe not).

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