Sunday, November 16, 2003

sunday, rainy sunday

Well sports fans, it is another rainy day here in the Pacific NW. The temperature is in the 50's and there is a slight breeze out of the west. Okay, I don't know about the breeze, but the other stuff is true!!

I am trying to get my dear, darling Kevin to wake so we can tackle the big purple wall that awaits paint. I am getting antsy. I will be much happier when it is painted "bark mulch" like the rest of the room. I have also decided to cut the original color with white to make a lighter version so I can repaint the small wall behind the blue sofa. The cream Kev painted it looks like grey in real life and there is something about the combo that doesn't fit in my design mind.

I am going to send in the troups, I only hope they can do better than me! "Chloe, Simon it's time to wake up dad."

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