Sunday, December 17, 2006

oooh orts

What day is it? This not having a true, set schedule is starting to play with my mind. I feel as though I am one day off, all the time. All I can keep saying to myself is, "the first of the year is near" to get through this holiday season at work.

Started some gonna be late Xmas gifts for one "set" of in-laws. We're going shopping for the other "set" today because where they life, knitted things would really just make no sense. I suppose they won't live there forever, but you never know.

My left wrist does not like it when I work with a small gauge and I'm doing ribbing. There, I said it. I can see some of you all scratching your heads, which are cocked to the side. Eyes squinting trying to figure out exactly what that mumbo-jumbo means. Then I can see some of you smiling and nodding with the sense of understanding exactly what I am saying, and feeling my pain.

My slippers have had a blow out. I suppose one or two too many times of popping out onto a slightly damp deck to check on Diggity has happened, causing the stitching to rip free. They really are not all that warm these days because of that.

I really want printer ink so I can print some photos off of the computer to replace some we've had up for a while. Although I love the photo of Russ with his first born son playing a video game when the child was still a baby (this was from our trip to Florida to see them oh so long ago)'s time to replace it with a new photo of them.

Dogs are energy. They are large balls of energy. When that energy does not get to be released every single day, they become bouncing balls of energy. We gotta get Diggity out today, otherwise she might just knock a few things over (and by things, I mean tables, chairs...big stuff).

I had all three animals on or near me last night as I laid in bed doing crosswords. It's gotten rather cold for here and at night our thermostat is set low. Normally, not a problem. Lately, well let's just say we have two blankets, a quilt and a comforter on the bed, along with the sheets. The animals, better than any hot water bottle could ever be!


Anonymous said...

You might try sleeping between blankets rather than sheets. They hold the warmth better.

Diggity Josie does need to run, a lot, or more. Big furniture moving due to her "prop wash" is a sure sign. lol

Good luck.

As for the calendar thing, I have no ideas. lol

shannon said...

It is only cold for the first few minutes, but we do keep the thermostat set low during the night and will wake up chilled at times. Will have to share the idea of between the blankets with Kev.

Diggity did get out on a walk today. It was cold. She enjoyed it, we did too.

I will know what day of the week next year.