Sunday, December 31, 2006


Well, I finished Kev's hat (again). It turned out much better this time. In fact, it fits his head even! He seems a bit underwhelmed by it, but we'll see what becomes of that after he walks to work wearing it tomorrow. If he dislikes it, I will simply take it for myself and he can freeze.

I also finished a burp cloth for a friend. I'd had it bound off and everything, but it "felt" wrong. So I undid the end and added a few more rows. It's quite nice. I hope that they will use it!!!

I have a couple of other projects I have in my head to start. Two scarves are on the short list and some wrist warmers and a felted bowl are on the longer list. The scarves are for gifts so...I suppose I'll start with those tonight. One had been started but upon looking at it, I don't think I am a fan. I think I might use the pattern I have started with that yarn for another project, with the other yarn bought at the same time.

We've cleaned the house today. It feels good to have a clean environment. Granted I keep my studio space quite picked up now and with the door being hung agian I can always close myself off to the world out there. I did several times today. It was really quite lovely. Chloe and I hung out and spent some good, quality time together. She's asleep in her chair right now.

Okay, off to pick up the next project. YEA!

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Jack K. said...

You are so industrious. You must get it from your mother. tee hee.

Congratulations on projects well done.

love ya,