Friday, December 08, 2006

beauty in my life

<----Meet the newest to our family of beautiful objects.

My friend has an annual ceramics sale where she and at least three other potters sell their wares. This is quite possibly, the sweetest piece of pottery I've ever held in my hands. It sits sweetly and fits perfectly in the palm of one.

My friend did not make this, although I do love her work a great deal. Her friend David (whose last name is gone out of my mind, but he's had cups he's made photographed in a book of beautiful cups) did. We had gone to dinner as he was setting his things up. I simply went back in the house to grab my knit bag and there Bliss was (that's what I've named it). I was simply drawn to it. I picked it up and couldn't set it down.

I helped one of her other friends out, setting things and arranging. She gave me the most glorious mug! My entire fist can fit inside of it! It's about a 20 oz mug. 16 oz to the bottom of the drippy glaze inside. I also bought a gorgeous bowl/vase from her collection for some friends here locally (who I know read this and will probably figure out it is them but won't see it until we get together to celebrate). I know I talk about not wanting to feel the pressure of the season and not having to feel like we HAVE to get anything for anyone (as they should not feel compelled to do for us) but when things scream, I listen. I celebrate in the moment. And tonight, the moment was right.

funny aside: when I logged in tonight, the message "your new blogger is ready to go!" meaning "switch to beta!" Funny it should come after I posted that I'm not a fan.


Jack K. said...

Bliss is beautiful.

Beta ain't that bad either.

Living in the moment has its rewards.

Planning for the future helps with living in the moment.

I know you are living the life you want to live.

Keep up your good works.

shannon said...

i love bliss.

beta annoys me because of a list of things.

i love the moment.

plans shmans. :)

i am just about where i want my life to be.

good works, can keep those up.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, that's a gorgeous li'l piece.

I got the "Hi switch!" message - and then when I said "OK!" it said, "Oh, no, not YOU. Sorry."
I love rejection from computers....

kerri said...

um...what *is* it?

or just a pretty thing?

shannon said...

isn't the lil' piece beautiful?

and it is simply something that brings me joy. it holds nothing nor does it *do* anything, other than make me smile everytime i look at it.

bronxbt said...

i was alll excited to try BETA.
i created a new site.... and found

* annoying additional crap i had to wade through..

* no new templates per se allowing me more layout freedom...

* a spell checker that still deletes my entries

* overall pain, open weeping and shaking.

soooo, yesh.. do stay in our happy lil' world...

that pottery image is sooo kickass and hope you're well.