Tuesday, December 05, 2006

i wrote and it went away

Ah the joys of blogger and the newest version of IE. I know there are people out there wondering why in the world I still use IE...my answer, because. :P

Anyway, I logged in this morning to blogger. I wrote out a rather lengthy post about decorating for the holidays for my friend who is on bedrest for possibly the last month of her pregnancy. I spoke of us probably not decorating our house since we are not home together for full days at all, until THE day.

I then hit spell check. I clicked the "allow pop ups" bar across the top. The post vanished. Blank screen.

So, nutshell: we ain't decorating, but in decorating my friend's house, I feel as though I'm in the spirit.

1 comment:

bronxbt said...

for what it's worth, spell check has been wiping away my entries since i started blogging over a year ago.

'course, i make words up all the time, and frankly normally spell like a 10 year old anyway, so it's a moot point all around.

oh, and i use the new IE, still ass.