Sunday, December 03, 2006

the things i learned today

Sundays are slow downtown this winter.

I can choose to be annoyed by choices Kev makes or realize the opportunities that those choices offer me.

Wind is the scourge of the earth. You can not hide from wind when you are waiting for the bus, even if there are bus "shelters" at your stop.

Girls in Indy are fabulous and funny and make me smile.

Simon is a heater hog. The little bastard slept smack dab in front of the vent in the living room all night until his Pop got home, then he went to Kev's lap.

Dogs like Port Wine spread cheese.

Television is rather irrelevant. There are shows in our DVR that were recorded when we were away. Honestly, if I didn't see a one of them, I'd be fine.

It's okay to have friends who make you smile and laugh in spite of the anger you are wanting to hold onto. And then, it's okay to let go of that anger.

Thanks, friend. ;)


Anonymous said...

It is OK to express your anger as long as it is not a personal attack.

But then, you do not need my permission or approval.

Good luck.

Perhaps an uncomfortable heater grate would dissuade Simon. Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

I'm very glad that last night happened... Drinks over the phone were a great idea.

Glad I could help in some way.