Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I was on the math team in Jr. High School. I wasn't all that good so I am not sure why they kept me on the team. I wasn't the only girl, before any of you say "girl quota" to me.

It has become apparent that I still am not all that good with the numbers. I set out this year to make Kev a hat. He walks to work now and I really don't like thinking about him walking down there without proper head gear. He's my shmoopy and I want him to be comfortable walking to and from work. Last night, as I am finishing up the hat, I didn't look at it. I was simply focused in on the stitch I was working on. Then the next. And the next. You get the drift.

I tied off the yarn and said something to the effect of Eureka! It is done. Then I put it on Kev's head. Um, yeah, seriously? What was I thinking.

*picture of me with hat on, covering half of my face* (camera got left at Jill and Mark's Xmas eve)

So, instead of trying to shrink it in the dryer (which was a thought) I have decided to rip it all out and start over. MINUS 40 STITCHES!! How could I have thought that I needed to cast on 140 stitches? I know my non knitting readers are scratching their heads, scrolling down in hopes of finding some non-knitting related banter. Sorry, you should just move on to the next blog you read because this post is all about the knitting today.

This hat was to be a symbol of my love for Kev. Yeah, he didn't know this, but in my mind it was. It was going to keep him warm and safe from the wind and cold. Instead it would blind him and end up with him being hit by a car while crossing streets or parking lots that lie between home and work.

He doesn't know this yet, but he is not going to be wearing that hat until it's done in the proper size. I have half the mind to go get it now and start ripping so he doesn't have the chance to argue with me about it. Although something tells me he would be relieved to not have to wear it today. Part of me thinks he is secretly fearing what happens if he leaves the house without the hat planted on his head (rather, flopped on his head with bits oozing off). I will tell him he is off the hook and will not be made to wear the ridiculous looking thing...yet.


bronxbt said...

well, wifee has made some pretty amazing blankets and all, and thankfully they fit well.

once she made some table mats that were.. well... horrid. her intentions were pure, but they kinda curled up on the edges and were all different sizes. i, um... ate in silence that night.


for what it's worth, i sorta relate to the whole size thing this year too...

MIL (mother in law) bought me a sweater. i loathe sweaters 'cuz they make this boy look fat and awkward. well, this one actually fits perfectly and makes me all happy. it's sooooooft too, so i'm sitting here in my office and occasionally, when pushing up a sleeve, i get to go "ooooooh ahhhhh."



Ginny said... thoughts - probably good choice to "frog" it before he gets a chance to see it! Since it was made with so much love and good intentions - he might feel "obligated" to wear it no matter what?
And this whole guage thing - can't tell you how many times I've been positive when I did my swatch that I am just "right on" - only to get way into the project and realize its either to small or too large! Aaarrgh!

Anonymous said...

The best laid plans of mice and knitters. giggle.

shannon said...

Yes, blankets are easy. One size!

Kev did see the hat, laughed laughed laughed. He'd just angrily told me to stop yelling at the cat (whom he'd been yelling at earlier) and go to bed. Then we saw the hat on him and couldn't help ourselves.

Mice and knitters? As long as it's not moths and knitters we're fine! :)