Saturday, December 16, 2006

lights back on

Well, we got power restored last night a bit before 6:00. I went to Jill and Mark's (where yesterdays post was written) and around dinner time for the trio (Simon, Chloe and Josie) Jill and I zipped by the house. As we drove up the hill we noticed lights on in the hood. We were all smiles when we pulled up and saw a house alit. It was still really cold in the house though and Jill said the clock in the bedroom wasn't flashing much past 12:00 so we figured it'd just come back on. She and I went to dinner ourselves then back to her house to finish taping for painting...I wanted to let the house re-heat itself before I had to hang out too much.

So, work today, blah. Knitting I am working on, great, but somehow I turned myself around on the hat and am working it backwards from where I started. However, it's not effecting it since I am staying with the rib pattern, but I'm annoyed that I've somehow screwed that up. I will watch it when I'm working on Kev's hat.

Okay, off to bed since I work tomorrow. Let's just say, I'm taking knitting and expect to be able to get much done.


Anonymous said...

Y'all have had some rough weather up your way.

Your power outage made our local news last night. It said something about a fire at a power station. I only paid attention when I hear Portland, OR. They did show pics of a bad fire.

Glad to know you are back on line.

bronxbt said...

glad to know you and kev made it thru the fuss okay. we got the behjeezus beaten outta us.

take care, hope the kids (fuzzyones) are all safe'n happy too.