Friday, December 22, 2006

happy holidays

So I got the cards sent. Only one person mentioned looking forward to reading the letter we normally send out (only one). I emailed her back promptly and said, well then you are in for a surprise because I didn't write one this year. I ended up sending a brief update of our past year in Portland.

As I sat down tonight ready to unload about a challenging day, I decided I should reflect on a few fabulous things that have happened in our life (I know some are thinking it should be lives and my answer to them is simply: one).

Let's see, where to start? We got to start the year witn an amazing trip to Mexico with Mamasita, Walter, and Catherine. It was the right way to start the year. We relaxed and enjoyed simply being. Something we all need to do much more.

We had such a great time. We ate, we drank, we just relaxed. Some of the live performances put on at the hotel were just...

After that great start we settled into our routines, and a few months into the new year, Kev got a new job working for a mortgage/loan company. Let's just say, a fantastic job came his way shortly after and he's now happily managing a record store (well, cds, dvds, and games). He can walk to work. He can walk home for lunch (when he sits down long enough to take one). He has never been happier with a job, I believe.

Shortly after taking the new job, we headed to Hawaii to spend time with my family (he had alerted them prior to our departure that he had plans). The first full day there Kev and I hiked with David and Julianne (my sister and her husband). It was amazing. We walked through bamboo forests that almost made me cry. They were truly beautiful. The top was vast. It felt so big and calm. Will have to share some of those photos after I get them uploaded to flickr or something...

We've started making plans to head to Chicago in spring or summer (I'm hoping spring) to see Dad and Kathy. It's been far too long...

And on that note, I hope everyone has the holiday they need.


Anonymous said...

You know... Chicago is just two hours from me.

Merry Christmas Shannon! I adore you honey. You've been a riot through this year.

Anonymous said...

Your life is a great one. Keep on keepin' on.

Love ya,


bronxbt said...

i gotcher card.
thank you fo much for the surprise holiday goodness.

you and yer entire FAM are soo special & cooh.

lurve you all.